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Easy Moving Solutions, specializing in local and long-distance deliveries. We always seeking new business clients to serve with an ongoing and regular delivery service. Ideally, you would have a business requiring regular daily bi-weekly, or monthly service with small or big long-distance deliveries within Ontario. Cities served to include Windsor, London, Kitchener, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, and more.

We understand your employees’ productivity is negatively impacted if they are stressed about the business moving or relocation. Therefore, each customer is assigned a moving specialist to serve as support throughout their relocation experience. Our commitment is to provide you with quality, time and cost-sensitive relocation service and keep your employees stress-free and productive.

Our office moving services include:

  • Guaranteed flat rate price and service
  • All Office Furniture is wrapped 
  • Furniture Placed & Set-Up in Your New Office
  • Complete Packing & Unpacking Services Offered

Call us to schedule an appointment for one of our estimators to come out and do a survey of your business moving needs. To speak with one of our certified moving consultants about your upcoming commercial move call us at 1-877-711-5577

Easy Moving Solutions was established in 2005, Easy Moving Solutions has been serving both residential and commercial clients by providing outstanding 1-on-1 service. We are known for our attention to detail, reliability, punctuality, solid communication, and care. This is backed up by some of the best reviews in the industry, which can be found on our website. You can also follow along on Twitter, and like our business Facebook page.

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Please leave your contact details in the form below and one of our moving specialists will contact you and answer all your queries and help you with a personalised quote.

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The interaction of a market’s supply and demand factors determines price. The desire of consumers and producers to engage in purchasing and selling is represented by demand and supply. When buyers and sellers can agree on a price, a product exchange takes place.

Payment is due in full upon completion of our work. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. You will never be charged a deposit. Instead, our guys will finalize the bill and collect payment from you after the final walk-through and everything has been completed to your satisfaction.

In order to handle the exceedingly perilous handling of large objects like gun safes, pianos, and hot tubs, EMS Moving has invested in cutting-edge machinery. This investment safeguards both your possessions and our hardworking moving crew. The experts conducting your move are skilled at moving in a way that safeguards both themselves and your possessions.

Absolutely! Each of our teams arrives at your move with heavy-duty canvas or neoprene runners as well as customised door jamb cushions. Please let us know if you would want us to bring any additional protection, such as plastic floor protection.

Yes, EMS Moving charges extra for its disassembly and reassembly services. For basic disassembly and reassembly of beds, desks, tables, appliances, and the majority of other common pieces of home and office furniture, our movers will provide toolkits.


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