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Removing the Bumpers

Start by removing the bumpers from all corners of the pool table. Depending on the type of wood you have, the bumpers should be fairly easy to remove or attach. Once all the bumpers have been removed, it’ll expose the slate that will be discussed later in this guide

Removing the Felt

It’s time to remove the felt. The felt in most cases stapled or in some cases glued to the table; possibly even both. Whether it’s stapled or glued, you should be gentle during the removal process making sure not to rip the felt near pocket areas and not to scratch the table.

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Picking up the Slate

Now that the felt is off, you are going to need a helping hand with the slate. A drill is the best tool for removing slate table screws. If your pool table has plaster or beeswax covering the screws, any screwdriver should do the trick. Once again, take your time removing screws. Pool tables typically come with two or three pieces of slate that can be between ¾ to 1” thick so it’s important you don’t try to lift it on your own. Slate is extremely heavy but fragile. Make sure you crate or transport it flat with additional padding for cushion.

Disassemble the Legs

This is where your group of friends will come in handy. Now carefully make the pool table upside down and take the legs off the frame. Now that the pool table is upside down, removing the pockets should be a breeze.

Loading the Pool Table

Finally! All the pieces to the pool table have been disassembled. Make sure you wrapped and protected each section for the trip. On your way to the truck, make sure the frame is already flipped upside down so there won’t be a need to flip it once it’s time to load it. Lastly, securely place all the other items on top of the frame. Your pool table is ready to go!

If you are still thinking this may be too much of a bother, you should definitely call Easy Moving Solutions at 519-895-0005. Pool tables are heavy and lifting without the proper help can easily turn into someone getting hurt. In some cases moving slats need two or up to seven people so be careful not to break them or hurt yourself. Never attempt to take on more than you can handle when attempting to move anything.

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We have used Easy Moving twice in the past, and are very satisfied with our move. We are moving again, and have booked Easy Moving again. The movers were on time, pleasant and did a professional job. They disassembled / assembled our furniture and did everything to our satisfaction. Really good prices too. Would highly recommend.

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Easy Moving Solutions offers a fixed hourly rate with no additional charges as a preferred and transparent approach for both Easy Moving Solutions and customers alike. This pricing model ensures simplicity and predictability for customers eliminating any uncertainty or surprise fees. With a fixed hourly rate, customers can accurately budget for their moving needs, knowing that the agreed-upon rate covers the entire scope of the service, from loading to transportation and unloading. Moreover, it fosters a sense of trust between our moving company and our clientele, as there is no room for hidden costs or unexpected expenses. This straightforward and fair pricing structure has contributed to the rising popularity of Easy Moving Solutions that uphold integrity and honesty while providing efficient and reliable services. As a result, customers can confidently entrust their precious belongings to Easy Moving Solutions, knowing that the agreed-upon rate will stand without any additional charges, making the moving experience a smooth and stress-free one.

Payment is due in full prior to unloading. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.  Our guys will finalize the bill and collect payment from you on-site.

In order to handle the exceedingly perilous handling of large objects like gun safes, pianos, and hot tubs, Easy Moving has invested in cutting-edge machinery. This investment safeguards both your possessions and our hardworking moving crew. The experts conducting your move are skilled at moving in a way that safeguards both themselves and your possessions.

Yes! Easy Moving charges extra for its disassembly and reassembly services. For basic disassembly and reassembly of beds, desks, tables, appliances, and the majority of other common pieces of home and office furniture, our movers will provide toolkits.


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