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Are you planing to move to USA let our professional staff  take care of complete task for you.Easy Moving Solutions Offers a wide range of USA Moving Services include packing, unpacking, labor only driver only, and complete moving service for moving from USA to Canada  and Canada to USA , Let our professional crew take care of your complete move. Our extensive experience allows us to raise the bar on the Art of Moving and offer an uncompromising level of satisfaction. No matter what is the size of your move , we’ll help make sure your next move is a masterpiece. Simply fill our online estimate form and one of our sales agent will provide you with the best price based on your budget and preferred services.

Easy Moving solutions offers wide variety of USA Moving  services based on your need,budget and plan. we  will be with you at every phase of your move, offering you free at home and on line estimates. As well, we will provide you with all the required documentation and help you to complete the necessary paper work in order to get you into the United States or Canada with no delays. Should your move require any packing or storage, let us show you the easiest and best ways to do so.

Long distance move across Canada and to United State


When moving into the United States there are some basic forms that you will be required to fill out. Please check our moving tips in order to help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Relocating from Canada to the United States is a straightforward process, providing all of the necessary documentation is properly completed.

Your household goods and personal effects are permitted to enter the U.S.duty-free providing they have been in your possession and used by you for at least one year.

Cautionary note – if you do not declare new items or understate the value of the items, U.S. Customs can confiscate the items and assess duties and a monetary penalty. If you will be making purchases of expensive items prior to your move you may want to compare the cost to buying  same items from US.

Antiques must be 100 years or older to be eligible for duty-free entry. Customs will require that you prove this, so be prepared to furnish a receipt or an appraisal.

While it is not normal practice to charge duty on used personal items, some items such as photographic equipment, vehicles, consumable items etc. may be dutiable. Check with the nearest custom office in your area for specific information. If you are already in the U.S, contact your nearest Customs Office listed in U.S. telephone directory under: U.S. Government Offices, Treasury Department.


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