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Packing Tips

If you are doing your packing  some packing tips may make your move faster, safer, and more cost effective.

-Start packing at lest one month prior to your move

-Try to use same size boxes or at maximum, two or three different size boxes( depend on size of your move you may need for  example 10 small boxes, 15 medium, and 5 large boxes)

-Depend on your distance and style of packing, different quality boxes you may need (single wall for most local moves, double wall for local and long distance.  and triple wall for over seas moves)

-Make sure mark the boxes either for content, or based on their destination in new place( for example kitchen, master bedroom and etc.)

-Mixing heavy and light stuff can make boxes safer, and easier to handle. Don’t make boxes too heavy.

-Don’t overload the boxes

-Closing and taping the leads is one of the most important part of packing, boxes with loose leads and overloaded are hard to stack.

Our professional movers can make the packing job more reliable, easier, faster