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moving from Canada to United State

Moving from Canada to to USA is a simple process, if you providing all necessary documentation and properly complete them.

Your household goods and personal belongings are permitted to enter the U.S.duty-free providing they have been in your possession and used by you for at least one year.

Antiques must be 100 years or older to be eligible for duty-free entry. Customs will require that you prove this, so be prepared to furnish a receipt or an appraisal.

While it is not normal practice to charge duty on used personal items, some items such as photographic equipment, vehicles, consumable items etc. may be dutiable. Check with the nearest U.S. Consulate in your area for specific information. If you are already in the U.S, contact your nearest Customs Office listed in U.S. telephone directory under: U.S. Government Offices, Treasury Department.


Moving companies cannot transport alcohol on the van with your household goods.

Motorized Vehicles Including Motorcycles

Any “on-road” motorized vehicle (less than 25 years in age) must meet US safety and environmental standards to be imported into the United States. A compliance letter must be obtained from the actual manufacturer (not dealer) stating that the vehicle does meet all FMVSS standards. The compliance letter is not required if it is a return of a U.S. registered vehicle. A list of automobile manufacturers can be found on the National Highway Traffic Safety Association – US Department of Transport’s web site (link is below) in the section called “Vehicle Importation Guidelines- Canadian”.

You should be aware that some manufacturers are refusing to issue the compliance letters (i.e. Chrysler, Toyota). As well, not all motorcycles can be imported to the US, particularly those that were manufactured overseas or are considered gray market bikes. If you cannot obtain a compliance letter, then you must use the services of a “Registered Importer” to determine if your car or motorcycle meets or can be modified to meet US safety and emission standards. A list of registered importers is also located on the NHTSA website (link below).

An EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) form must be completed for each motor vehicle being imported into the U.S and is required in addition to the compliance letter. The EPA form is not required if it is a return of a U.S. registered vehicle.

A HS7 document is required on all motor vehicles, including a return of a US registered vehicle. This form can be found on the NHTSA web site along with full details on vehicle importation:

If you will be in the US for one year or less, you can import a non-conforming vehicle, however the vehicle must be exported within one year – no extensions are permitted.  It may be necessary to post a bond for this type of importation.

Returning US citizens/residents who have purchased a vehicle while living in Canada should be aware that duty will be charged on any automobile that was manufactured outside of the NAFTA zone. Duty is currently charged at the rate of 2.5% (subject to change).

Required Documentation – Household Goods

To clear your household goods shipment through U.S. Customs, the mover will require copies of the following documentation:

For Returning US Residents:

For Non-Residents:

  • Completed 3299 Customs Form
  • Work or Study Visa and Letter of Offer of Employment (if applicable)
  • Valid Passport
  • Copy of I94 form that US Customs inserts in your passport upon entry

 For Part-time Residents:

  • Completed 3299 Customs Form
  • Proof of Property Ownership or Lease in US
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of Canadian residence:
    property deed, property tax records, utility bills, etc.

It is not necessary for customers to be present at the border when the Atlas van operator crosses with your shipment on board. We are usually able to clear your shipment for delivery to residence providing all of your documentation is in order. If there is a problem, the shipment will be placed ‘IN BOND’ to the closest customs office to your new home. You will be required to personally appear to clear your goods.

Unless you are a returning US Resident, you need to enter the United States before your shipment arrives at the border. It is important for people entering on a work/study visa to have completed the immigration process so that your status is properly established. When you personally enter/cross into the US and your work visa is determined to be in order, US customs will put an I94 document in your passport. You must provide your moving company with a copy of this document to prove that you have been granted entry into the United States.

US Customs will verify this information when your moving truck arrives at the border. If there is any problem with your immigration status, US Customs may turn your shipment back. As a result, you will incur additional charges for border delays, the cost of returning your shipment to origin and storage until the matter is sorted out.

Useful Contacts

Customs Contact Information
U.S. Customs Office
Washington, DC
(203) 325-8000

Immigration and Visa Information
US Citizenship and Immigration Service
Arlington, VAS
1-800-375-5283 (within USA)

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