moving starter kits include the packing supplies you need to pack


Moving Starter Kits

All Packing supplies you need to pack your belongings

Moving Starter Kits

Moving Starter Kits is our recommended packing supplies to pack your belonging ands make them ready for your move. Either you pack your belonging or prefer to leave the packing portion of move to us as well the Moving Starter Kits are perfect to have all you need in one package.

Free delivery if you choose to move with us

Small Kit- $64.95

Suitable for one bedroom house or apartment:

20 – Medium size boxes

5  -Large size boxes

1  – 10 lb.Newsprint

2 – Rolls of Tapes

1 – Roll of Shrink wrap

Medium Kit- $109

Suitable for two bedroom house or apartment:

30 – Medium size boxes

10  -Large size boxes

1  – 25 lb.Newsprint

4 – Rolls of Tapes

1 – Roll of Shrink wrap

Large Kit- $179.99

Suitable for three bedroom house or apartment:

50 – Medium size boxes

15  -Large size boxes

2  – 25 lb.Newsprint

6 – Rolls of Tapes

2 – Roll of Shrink wrap


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